Hammond, Louisiana, United States

(225) 277-2900

William J Ray, A.A.I.A, and Associates, LLC

Legal EW / Consult 1996
Assoc. American Institute of Architects-

 E.W./Legal, 2 JDC - Active

Construction Consulting, Contract

Disputes - Active

Architect / Engineering Representative - Retired


Although I don't work actively in large scale projects and Hospital / Medical Development, I am continuing to assist in home and small business dispute resolution prior to, or post Legal Counsel involvement. This is determined by specific case conditions.

Simply send me an email or give me a call about your home or business renovation, new construction, or maintenance concerns, issues, or disputes, and together we'll review the best path on how to get your problems resolved...I'm really good at that!  

Most solutions are discoverable via phone or just a single visit to your home or business.  For Attorney involved issues, I will assist your attorney in discovery for an accepted Legal Case. 

Getting you useful information to move forward with effective solutions are usually in view, it just needs a little focus.    

REMEMBER...I am NOT AN ATTORNEY, I'm a Construction and Administration really smart guy!

What Representing You Means

Wm. J. Ray and Associates, Expert Witness Representation

Representing you and assisting your Legal Counsel in disputes involving Contractors or Construction General Services.

Owner / Contractor Disputes

 When Legal Representation is being considered involving a Contractor/Owner dispute, talk to WJRA first. Most situations are easily negotiated for a positive resolution. Contractor disagreements are not unusual during a Project, and all issues must be thoroughly reviewed before Attorneys are involved.   

Attorney Involvement

If you've already decided, or have retained Legal Counsel, WJRA works directly with your Attorney on discovery and to find resolution quickly and avoid a costly court battle. Please exhaust all your options before your project goes this far. WJRA has avoided this for many Clients over the years.